3 Online Lead Generation Worksheets for Marketers [FREE]


It only takes a few minutes spent thinking about all the things you really need to do to succeed as an online marketer before it suddenly hits you… there is a lot of stuff to keep track of. And, if you start missing out on the details, it isn’t long before you’ll find you aren’t getting the kinds of results you hoped for in the first place.


Lead generation works best when you’re focused on creating compelling content, not trying to keep things like dates and file names straight (we should know). And so, in the spirit of sharing, we are giving away three of our most important lead generation worksheets – the same ones we use every day to achieve amazing results for our clients – absolutely free. (3 editable excel spreadsheets, no macros, emailed to you in a ZIP file.)

Want to know what’s in the toolkit? Here is a quick rundown of all three items:

Blogging Editorial Calendar

Ever wonder how you’re supposed to keep fresh content coming out, one week after another, without repeating subjects or finding yourself off topic? We use a system that professional magazine editors put into place decades ago in the form of written editorial calendars.

These easy-to-use worksheets help you plan upcoming blog posts by giving you a template with spaces for titles, important search engine keywords, author responsibilities, target personas, and even a call to action to include at the end of each article.

In other words, this document gives you everything you need to plan your publishing strategy weeks ahead of time. Since most marketers struggle to brainstorm new topics when they most need them, this extra bit of planning can be invaluable. Plus, you can use it to tie future posts to downloadable offers and other promotions, making your content strategy more focused and effective.

Trying to write blog posts off the top of your head is a prescription for failure and frustration. With our downloadable editorial calendar, planning your content is a snap.

Landing Page Worksheet

You simply cannot generate leads from your business website if visitors aren’t responding to your offers. That’s where our landing page worksheet comes into play, helping you to optimize every message for maximum conversion rates.

In this worksheet, you’ll find the roadmap for a successful landing page and offer combination. By forcing you to think about the topic of each landing page, the marketing persona it’s designed to appeal to, the call to action you’re going to use, and which downloadable offer corresponds to the page, it takes the guesswork out of the process.

The worst thing you can have is ambiguity in your landing pages. You shouldn’t ever be unsure which of your customer groups you’re speaking to or what next step you’d like them to take. By using our worksheets, your company can avoid these common errors and funnel every group of searchers toward the most relevant offers.

Sales and Marketing Funnel

Do you know how to move visitors from your blog to your downloadable offers, or from your chain of offers to a sales consultation? A lot of businesses don’t, or take educated guesses at best, and see potential buyers drop out of their sales funnel unnecessarily as a result.

With this worksheet, you’ll be able to envision how one step or commitment leads into the next. You’ll avoid the trap of asking for too much, too soon, and at the same time learn how to build your company’s credibility so that buyers don’t contact your team until they’re ready to take the next step.

Successful lead generation websites aren’t just about attracting visitors through search engines, or using downloadable offers to create interest – they are about building profitable systems that can be used again and again. With our sales and marketing funnel, you can put those steps together exactly like we do for our clients.

Any job is only half as difficult when you have the right tools to use, and a little bit of guidance to get you started on your way. Take advantage of our offer today and get your free toolkit. It only takes a few seconds, and the fully-editable files are available at no cost or obligation here:

What sort of difference could the right head start make in your 2014 lead generation campaign?

(I discuss the Online Marketing Sales Funnel, Target Marketing Personas and much more in my book, Building a Better Business Website. I hope you’ll get a copy on Amazon today and use it to fuel your success in this field.)

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