3 Great Ways for Quality Brand Promotion


Brand promotion is the most efficient way to expand your dominion and transform from a small business owner to a big business owner. Bear in mind that brand promotion takes years, and with such a wide competition out there, climbing to the top is not easy at all.

There is a well-known app known as “logo quiz”, and once you witness all the brands that are out there, the gravity of this task will be quite clear. Even the brands that are considered well-known will be in the field of obscurity, since it is impossible to keep track of everything.

Top brand logos

Moreover, with forceful spamming of your brand name, there is a high possibility of being perceived as annoying. Brand promotion needs time in order to be natural and spread on gradually, and with some luck, your brand’s lifespan should exceed your lifespan.

Here are a couple of ways to efficiently promote your brand name.

E-commerce Strategy

It is a part of common knowledge nowadays that one should have a website in order to efficiently sale services, or products. Consumers love to shop from the comfort of their chairs, and wait for the product to be delivered. Meaning your website should be designed in an attractive manner, but it also needs to have a clear call to action (it should be abundantly clear to the visitors how to make a purchase).

Also, with various payment methods, you have a greater chance that someone will make a purchase. When it comes to e-commerce, you need to take it a step further and incorporate interactivity and storytelling. Interactivity can do wonders in the field of brand promotion, if your site has a high level of interactivity, your consumers will spend more time on it.

People love to brag about their purchase, meaning that the options for sharing your products on social networks should be implemented on your website. It is important that this can be done easily so that the customers can instantly post about the product they bought online.

Another technique is called storytelling. Think about it, we all know the story about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc. It makes the whole company seem more personal, therefore people will feel closer to your brand name.

In other words, allow people to get to know you, and they will love you for it.

Dynamic Gifts

This technique has been around for a long time, and we have all seen the items like pens, USB flash drives, umbrellas, lighters etc. with a brand name and logo on them.

It is pretty simple – people love free things, and with dynamic gifts, they will always have a visible reminder of the name that provided them with joy. All you need to do is opt for a gift that is cheap and easy to manufacture, the one that doesn’t strain your budget and it is easy to distribute as well. VIP customers, or your regulars, should receive a gift of greater value.

It is a great way to show to the others how you are willing to reward the devotion to your brand.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a new age approach to advertising. It is subtle and efficient, meaning that people will come to you on their own accord, not because you spammed the commercials on every possible TV channel, or radio station. The traditional marketing is still good, but it is far better to invest your finances in inbound marketing.

First of all, the majority of consumers use the internet more than they spend time watching television, so when they need something, they Google it. If you manage to increase the domain authority of your website, you will be ranked higher on the Google search results.

That is the main idea of the inbound marketing – you optimize your website so that it is ranked higher in the eyes of Google.

However, it is a method which is still being perfected. Back in the days keyword stuffing was the solution, but now, these methods will only backfire. Make sure your site has a blog with valuable content that can be linked as relevant text on other blogs. With more links leading to your website, your authority grows. You need to optimize meta tags on the pictures of your products so that when people search for similar products, the ones you sell are among the top ranked.