3 Amazing About Page Tips to Try Right Now


about page tips

There is one page on your blog that is really, really important.

And your users will probably visit it, just after reading one of your blog posts.

I’m talking about the about page.

Many people hardly think of their about page as something to be taken seriously, treating it like an after thought to their main content.

They either don’t appreciate its importance, or don’t know what to do with it.


1. Take It Easy

As I mentioned, it’s the page people most likely go to after landing on your blog. That alone puts you under a tremendous amount of pressure.

It’s the only page that has a shelf life of more than a few days. Because it’s as permanent as anything can be on the net, you somehow need to show off every possible skill that you might possess on this page alone.

People make their impressions of you based on this and you start having a panic attack if you have somehow left out a tiny detail.

My suggestion is to take it easy. Just be yourself and write your about page as if you were talking to a friend.

This will surely help making your blog a success.


2. Find A Balance

balanceIt happens, sometimes, to read an article on a site you never visited and when taking a look at the about page, remaining shocked to discover that the blogger has chosen to remain anonymous.

Maybe, they have shared some bits about their life, but mostly they are offering you nothing. You can’t even tell if they are a man or a woman. Expecting a picture would be like asking for their child.

Other times, it’s the opposite. You land on a blog page where anonymity is not the issue at all. In fact, you probably wish that it were the case. The blogger’s about page is the equivalent of 20 pages of content. They go on and on about what they have done, since the day they were born. C’mon! The only person who might be interested to read all that stuff is the person who gave birth to them.

There has to be a balance. This is what you should tell your readers:

  • who you are,
  • what you look like,
  • why are you writing this blog,
  • any relevant life story that led up to it 
  • your credentials or experience with your blog topic.

You basically have an opportunity to establish what your blog posts will most probably be like.

Are they going to be serious – or cheeky, whether you will write with an inspirational, positive tone or is it going to be catty?

Funny, quirky, offensive?

The tone of your blog can be easily determined with the help of a handy little tool called about page.


3. Make It Personal

Why do you follow blogs? Think about it for a second.

Many people say that because of the general interest in the topic, because of the useful information offered on the site, its just convenient to go to one place and get all the information instead of searching for it.

The reality is, the readers begin to develop a liking for the blogger when they get to them better. They can relate to their philosophy about things an keep coming back for more.

People follow people they admire – people they want to become.

The best way to start to do that is to open up in your about page and to give them a sense of connection – to make them care.


Final Words

Many people choose to hide their identity because they claim to be very private people.

Well, I used to be like them when I started blogging. But after three months, I found out that this led to anything good. So I added an image of my smiling face, with a short bio and I started to connect with people of my niche!

You can be private in many areas and still choose to share a lot of detail with your readers.

While nobody’s is asking you to divulge your deep dark secrets online, just by letting people know your name and possibly putting up a picture will do wonders for your blog.

We all love putting faces to names, and for many this little page can be a deal breaker when it comes to subscribing.


And you?

How much effort have you put in your ‘about’ page?

Did you find it hard to write it?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below and share the post, if you liked it!