2Q EARNINGS: Public Content on Facebook from Public Figures, Media Outlets


RedCarpetStairs650Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent some time discussing public content during the company’s second-quarter earnings call Wednesday, mentioning efforts the social network has undertaken to better connect with the media and public figures.

Zuckerberg said during his opening remarks:

Our progress on public content is also very promising. As part of helping people to better understand the world, we want to help you connect around important public moments and personalities. And now nearly 800 million people on Facebook are connected to public figures. These connections are driving conversations at a huge scale. During the World Cup, over 350 million people made over 3 billion interactions on Facebook. To enable even more of these conversations, we’ve improved the ranking of videos in News Feed and launched new application-programming interfaces to help TV and media organizations use Facebook content in their productions. Public content will continue to be a growing focus for us over the coming months, and we plan to invest in building more great products and partnerships in this area.

During the question-and-answer period in the later stages of the earnings call, Macquarie Analyst Ben Schachter asked:

Mark, you talked about the focus on public content. Does that include a focus on exclusive content that we should be expecting to pay for or revenue-share agreements for content from some key public figures?

Zuckerberg responded:

On public content, we actually do get a lot of exclusive content. We don’t pay for it. This week, for example, I think Shakira hit her 100 million fans moment on Facebook. And part of the reason why some of these public figures and political leaders and folks have such big following is because they’re constantly providing insight into their lives and unique types of content that you can’t get anywhere else. And there is a format that I think make sense for Facebook. You’re not going to come to Facebook to watch a movie or watch a whole TV show. That’s really long-form stuff. But I mean in the modes that we have today in our service, that kind of attraction is the best place for a number of types of content like this that we’re starting to see that we get.

So we’re mostly focused on driving success for our partners, whether they are news organizations that are publishing content that people share or public figures and individuals who are engaging directly on Facebook. Our view is that the more success in distribution and engagement we can drive for them, the better the content and the quality that they’re going to invest in building for Facebook.

Readers: Do you interact with any public figures or media organizations on Facebook?

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