24 Keyboard Shortcuts for Canva (Infographic)

Posted by Sara on 28 Oct 2014 / 0 Comment

Do you need high quality images but don’t have a designer?

No worries, you’re exactly who one of our favorite tools, Canva, was created for!

You may have caught our announcement about our latest integration with Canva!

Canva is the hottest design tool available for businesses because it makes any marketer look like a professional designer.

It’s a major time saver, especially for small business owners who can’t afford a designer or are not quite ready for a designer but still need to create quality images for their marketing.

For these reasons you can imagine our excitement when we came across this infographic from Canva that includes 24 keyboard shortcuts for using their platform.

We love Canva and we love shortcuts so this is a win-win!

Here are the 24 shortcuts you’ll find in this infographic.

1. Zoom In
2. Zoom Out
3. Delete
4. Search
5. Drop in Text
6. Select All
7. Layer Down
8. Layer Up
9. Move 10px
10. Move 1px
11. Redo
12. Undo
13. Copy
14. Paste
15. Uppercase Toggle
16. Grid Toggle
17. Border on Text
18. Border Thicker
19. Border Thinner
20. Select Element Behind
21. Change Aspect
22. Add or Remove Select
23. Undo
24. Border Thicker