2015 Spring Beauty and Style Trends: Vibrant Pastels

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2015 Spring Beauty and Style Trends Vibrant Pastels

Even though the weather may not be cooperating in some areas, Spring has sprung! And while I am in the midst of cleaning out the closet to make way for some of my favorite Spring style faves and accessories, I thought I would share with you a trend that I see people already rocking a lot this season—vibrant pastels.

This may sound counterproductive, because pastels are known for being the softer side of the color palette. But the colors that are oh so haute this season are pastels with a little more kick to them. They aren’t full-on deep color, but has enough of a color to be bold, yet soft at the same time.

Take for instance the lippy that I am wearing in the photo above. It’s from NYC Cosmetics, and it is from their High Voltage Lipstick line in the color Twisted. It is described as a “bright violet”, but it still remains on the pastel side of things. It’s not a deep solid color, and plays well with softer colors such as yellow (as seen in the pic). It can be comparable to MAC Cosmetics’ Heroine, but only costs $ 6.00, is has a shiny finish (Heroine is a matte lipstick).

NYX High Voltage Lipstick

Colors such as Twisted are more on the lavender color spectrum, which is considered a pastel with a soft undertone, and I see that getting a lot of play as one of the top 2015 Spring Beauty and Style Trends.

In terms of eye shadow, you don’t want it to match your outfit, but matching your lip color is always a fun option. I used the color “Urban” from my Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment. It looks pretty deep, but when applied, also has a lavender pastel hue.

The Cubicle Chick Spring 2015

Which brings me to yellow. Yellow can also skew bright, especially when it’s of the neon variety. But when you have a yellow with a softer undertone, it too speaks pastel. Despite the fact that yellow is extremely colorful, against a soft color like white, can be played down and can read pastel. I am already seeing a lot of yellow being worn with white and gray, which can turn it down a notch. The top in this photo is yellow, but on the softer side making it a pastel. Perfect for spring and even summer as well.

When you play these two pastels together, you get a look that is colorful, but still soft and spring-esque. Pair your looks with gold tone accessories, and you are ready for a fun weekend with the girls, or a night on the town. (the accessories shown in this photo are from PrettyXclusive.com; they’ve got some fun pieces).

Don’t be afraid to mix different pastel colors with one another for a springtime look. Stick with a base color (which would be purple for me in this shoot) and add a color that compliments it. Then add gold jewelry and you are ready for whatever comes your way.

The Cubicle Chick