17 Ways to Convert Your Followers Into Leads and Customers

Posted by Chelsea Hejny on 08 Oct 2014 / 0 Comment

At ShortStack our goal is to help you,  our users, reach your social media goals. How do we do this? By teaching you best practices for social media marketing, and showing you how to combine these tips with ShortStack tools.

This list highlights just a handful of ShortStack’s most valuable features — the majority of them are  available to all ShortStack users, even those on free plans (pro plans start at just $ 23/month).

With ShortStack you have:

1. Use of professionally designed templates

Need to build a Campaign fast? Our pro designers have made more than 30 beautiful templates that’ll give you a head start. Some of our most popular templates include a Pin and Win, sweepstakes, photo vote and refer-a-friend contests.

2. Contest and promotion features

The majority of ShortStack users are running promotions. Feedback shows that photo contests with the ability to vote garner higher engagement and increased entries. You can enhance your contests by allowing fans to participate with photos, videos or essays.

3. Control over the number of times someone can enter your contest

There are a variety of contests that can be run online and with ShortStack you can choose whether your followers are able to enter once or multiple times. This feature cuts down on cheating and enables you to give away limited coupons, prizes, etc.

4. The ability to reward entrants with extra entries**

Your followers love entering your promotions and they love even more when they have a chance to receive extra entries for a simple act. Using ShortStack’s points per field and refer-a-friend features you can reward your followers for providing you with additional information and referring your promotions to their online audience.

5. The ability to store data from your forms in a central database

If you’re running a contest you’re most likely collecting data. You can make your data collection quick and easy by storing collected data from a Campaign into a database. You can access the database anytime by simply logging into ShortStack. (ShortStack will store up to 25 leads for free.)

6. The ability to export your data and easily organize it for future marketing efforts

Once you’ve collected your data and you’re ready to use it to leverage your marketing efforts, you can export all of your entries into an .xls or .csv format. If you’re running a photo contest you can export images into a .zip file.

7. Form integrations with MailChimp, Constant Contact, HighRise, AWeber and webhooks to push collected data into your existing mailing lists

If you’re collecting emails and other information from your followers, you can import that information directly into your mailing lists with form integrations.

8. The option to create custom subdomains for web-based Campaigns**

When you’re building a Campaign for yourself or a client you want it to be branded to fit that company. On ShortStack’s pro plans you can customize your subdomain for all Web published Campaigns so there’s no question which brand is behind your marketing materials.

9. Priority support from our customer service agents

Any question about ShortStack that you may have can be quickly answered through ShortStack’s support system. Average response time is 1-3 hours so you can continue creating Campaigns without being held up while you wait for answers.

10. The ability to create an unlimited number of Campaigns — all under one account

Whether you’re a business owner or an agency with 50 clients you can build as many Campaigns as you want and install them to as many Facebook Pages as you’d like or to the Web, all under the same account. If you’re an agency or freelancer you can also maintain several Campaigns for multiple clients under one account.

11. The ability to collaborate with your team members*

If you’re wanting to have more than one person in your office working in your ShortStack account, you can collaborate with team members. All you have to do is give permission to someone else in your office to make edits on any Campaign.

12. Access to analytics so you can track your Campaign’s growth, interactions and more

Once a Campaign has been installed, your job’s not done. Most people want to see how their Campaign is performing. You can track views, Likes, clicks and more using ShortStack analytics.

13. The option to approve contest entries via email*

Chances are you don’t want to be constantly logging into ShortStack to approve contest entries. So, you can approve contest entries via email without logging into ShortStack. Simply set this feature up when you are building your contest and you don’t have to worry about it again. If your client wants to approve them, send a white- labeled email to them.

14. The option to embed your Campaigns on your website or blog**

The more places you feature your Campaigns the better engagement you’ll get. You can embed your Campaigns onto your blog or website with a simple embed code provided after you install your Campaign to the Web or Facebook. You can publish that same Campaign on your website so it attracts your audience no matter where they go looking for you.

15. The ability to import comments and Likes from status updates

If you’re thinking about running a Facebook Timeline Promotion, you’ll want a way to collect the Comments/Likes you get on your promotion. The Comment/Like Importer stores your status update information in a database for you and you can then use the random entry picker to decide on a winner.

16. The ability to create custom app icons, OpenGraph Tags and multiple Facebook Page installs

Running Campaigns does not stop once they’ve been installed.  If you plan on installing your Campaign to Facebook, you can continue to brand your Campaign after installation and install it to multiple Facebook Pages without any hassle. This gives you the opportunity to leverage your Campaigns on as many Facebook Pages as you’d like.

17. White label capabilities* 

If you’re building Campaigns for clients you probably want their logo — not ours — on their Campaigns. White label capabilities make you look good in front of your clients and allow you to build as many Campaigns as you’d like without showing that you’ve used the ShortStack platform.

Want to learn more about any of these features or just have a plan ole question? Email us at http://www.shortstacksupport.com

And don’t forget: If you sign up for a ShortStack annual plan you’ll get two months for free!

* Pro plan feature

** Available on free plan; ShortStack logo will appear