15 Ultimate Ways To Customize Email Unsubscribe Process


Healthy email marketing probably depends on the email marketers’ readiness to appreciate audiences’ preferences. If you do not wish to stay in the opt-in world, then opt-out approach should work well. Hanging on to the people who are not interested or do not want to stay engaged is about being irresponsible, not being determined. It is better to make unsubscribing from an email as easy as subscribing for an email is made.

Every email marketer hates to see his customer leaving the subscriber’s list, but the fact is that it often happens. Whether it is just an attempt to clear the cluttered inbox, shift in preferences from promotional email to social updates, change in purchase intent or lifestyle or clearly losing interest, making it effortless to unsubscribe from your email can benefit any business.

A simple and user-friendly opt-out process represents great customer service, which results in positive user experience as well as helps you create an appropriate subscribers’ list. This eventually reduces spam reports and improves deliverability & conversion metrics. So, how is it possible to make your unsubscribe process friendly to the users while making the best efforts to keep them connected.

Ways To Make Your Unsubscribe Process Easy & User-friendly

  1. Do Not Hide Unsubscribe: While no marketer wants his subscriber to opt-out of email list, the alternative is worse. Never bury your unsubscribe button or link in lengthy paragraphs of terms and use. Subscribers are usually trained to check the footer in order to opt-out of an email program, but do not make them look for a link to stop your promotional messages.
  2. Do Not Hide Unsubscribe

  3. Compliance To CAN-SPAM: Your email unsubscribe process should be compliant with CAN-SPAM Act, which states that an email marketer must provide clear instructions so that a user can easily understand how he can stop getting emails from a specific brand. You also do not need to ask your users to login to opt-out from your emails.
  4. Use ‘Unsubscribe’ Word: Using ‘unsubscribe’ in your email’s footer enables customers to skim the bottom in order to find their desired option. However, it does not mean that you need to delete the links like ‘manage preferences’ or ‘update email preferences’, but incorporating links for both unsubscribing and updating preferences give your subscribers an opportunity to choose the way they want to engage with your brand.
  5. Unsubscribe At The Top: If your email program generates complaints like ‘This is Spam’ with ISPs, then it is recommended to incorporate a link to unsubscribe email at the top along with footer. You do not necessarily need to highlight it at the top but, can place it in your pre-header.
  6. Do Not Unsubscribe Customers Automatically: When customers are unsubscribed automatically with a click, you instantly lose the opportunity to communicate with them. It is better to drive your users to the unsubscribe page from where they can opt-out from your email campaign easily and also present them additional choices to engage and get benefited from your emails.
  7. Consider Email Digest Format: For high frequency email campaigns such as daily newsletters, give your subscribers an option to get digest format on the unsubscribe page so that you can render a ‘weekly highlight’ or ‘the best of’ version & keep the users engaged.
  8. Check Email Frequency: Not one answer is there for an optimal frequency. You need to test various frequency options available for key user segments & determine the number of emails a specific user group will get in a specified time period. It is also important to pay utmost attention to the complaint rates.
  9. Give Frequency Options: While an email digest format is not essential for every email sender, giving certain frequency options in the unsubscribe page is an another method to keep your subscribers under control.
  10. Provide ‘Unsubscribe from All’ Alternative: For those, who have various publications, rendering an option ‘unsubscribe from all’ can simplify the entire unsubscribe process. Though allowing your users to uncheck each subscription is compliant with the CANSPAM, but it may not be a good experience for the subscribers. Frustrated customers may relinquish going through whole unsubscribe process and choose to hit ‘This is a spam’ button.
  11. Unsubscribe from All

  12. Enable Customers To Pause Emails: Customers want to pause their email messages for a number of reasons. If you provide more options to your users, you are more likely to address their several needs. By allowing users to stop receiving emails, you can keep them on file while enabling them to take a break.
  13. Incorporate Subscription Links & Details: If your customers are interested in receiving emails, then it is good to offer them sufficient details that will help them in deciding, if these emails would be useful to them.
  14. Provide Option To Choose Other Email Segment: If you render different types of newsletters or distinct email segments with distinct content, then provide your users an opportunity to opt for other email stream. Customers may be no more interested in specific kind of content for several reasons or simply you may have now have a new email segment, which was not available before.
  15. Incorporate Social Media Options: If an individual wants to stop receiving emails from a specific brand, it does not necessarily mean that he does not want to engage through other channels as well. Therefore, it is wiser to include links that take them to the social media properties placed on the unsubscribe page. This allows your subscribers to choose the way they wish to engage with you.
  16. Provide An Option To Update Email Address: Some users may want to unsubscribe just because they have built a new account or decided to switch emails. So, do not miss such opportunity to allow your customers inform you about their new email account on your unsubscribe page.
  17. Utilize SMS Service: Make sure that you use SMS service for reminders or updates, so that the customers can stay connected with you by downloading the mobile app.


User-friendly unsubscribe process leads to better management of subscribers’ list. Improving the unsubscribe process requires lots of time & efforts, but it results in reduced spam complaints and an active list, which can enhance your email delivery as well as email marketing program.