15 Social Media Blogs That’ll Make You a Better Online Marketer

Posted by Sara on 26 Jan 2015 / 0 Comment

How do you start your day?

Every morning I spend around 30 minutes or an hour catching up on email and reading some of the latest social media articles on the web.

Even though I dedicate an hour a day to reading posts about social media and marketing, I feel like I barely brush the surface of what’s out there.

Partly that’s because I subscribe to a bunch of blogs so I get posts from them, but the truth is, there’s just too much content out there to keep up with it all. Still,  as social media marketers, it’s part of our job to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest.

It’s also our job to pass on valuable tips and best practices to our readers!

That’s why I’ve rounded up this list of 15 of the ShortStack content team’s favorite social media blogs.

These blogs top our list because they provide valuable insight and tips for social media marketers.

Whether you’re just getting started in social media or you’re a seasoned marketer, these blogs will have something for you!

Whether you’re managing your first Facebook page or you oversee a dozen pages on behalf of clients, AllFacebook provides the latest news and happenings in Facebook world. They even often feature guest-written articles on Facebook best practices and trends.


We like Brian’s blog because he goes deeper than most general best practices articles. In his bio, Brian refers to himself as a digital analyst, anthropologist, and a futurist. If you’re looking for a blog that breaks analyzes the latest social trends and tells you how your business can leverage them, Brian’s blog is the place to go.

Brian Solis

Buffer has gotten national recognition for their blogging strategy which includes a unique post averaging around 3,000 words every single day! Did we mention they do that with a team of three?! Buffer’s blog is broken into three main sections, social, open, overflow and happiness. Buffer’s in-depth articles cover everything from beginner tips and best practices to advance studies and stats for marketers.


Inside Facebook is AllFacebook’s sister blog. While they may seem similar, Inside Facebook provides content that is more focused on  advertising and business-to-business.


For the last four years, we’ve been watching Jon Loomer grow into the incredible marketer he is today. Jon has positioned himself as the go-to guy for everything related to Facebook advertising. Seriously, Jon knows more about the topic than you can imagine. If you’re thinking about using Facebook ads, are already using Facebook ads, or know nothing whatsoever about Facebook ads, head over to Jon’s blog and dive in!

Jon Loomer

KISSmetrics specializes in content that covers all aspects of online marketing. From email marketing to customer support and online advertising, this blog is a one-stop shop for any marketer. KISSmetrics also publishes lots of great shareable infographics and other content.

KISSmetrics Blog

We always learn something new from the Moz Blog. Topics range from SEO to content strategy, and keyword strategies. White Board Friday is must read. week after week.

Moz Blog

Neal Schaffer is perennial on the Forbes list of social media influencers but his business blog features columns from a wide range of contributors. Full disclosure, our CEO writes a monthly column for this blog.

Maximize Social Business

If you’re just getting started on Facebook, Post Planner’s blog is the place to be. They provide best practices and tips for businesses who are looking to grow their Facebook presence.

Post Planner

Neil Patel writes about his own experiences as an entrepreneur and small business owners — his blog posts are sort of like case studies.  QuickSprout also features shareable infographics on a regular basis.

Quick Sprout

Ravi teaches businesses how to take their online customers and followers and turn them into a loyal community of advocates.

Ravi Shukle

Razor Social is our favorite blog to visit to learn about the latest tools available for marketers. Ian Cleary, the founder of Razor Social, does an incredible job of rounding up and reviewing hundreds of tools that all marketers should know about.

Razor Social

For the marketer that is just getting started in social media and wants to know the best tips for every network, Social Media Examiner is the place to be. Each article is a “How To” or step-by-step guide for the beginning social marketer.


If you consider yourself a more advanced social marketer, or are just interested in learning more than the basic best practices, Social Mouths goes a step deeper in teaching businesses how to have and maintain a successful social presence.

Social Mouths

If your social media efforts are not constrained to one network, Top Dog Social Media is the blog to follow for tips on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. There’s a little something for everyone and they cover everything from setting up your social networks to measuring their success.

Top Dog

Are there any blogs that I forgot? Let me know in the comments!

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