15 Seconds of Fame: Brands That Rock Instagram Video


This post is authored by Jackie Davalos.

Say goodbye to corny home videos. Earlier we shared with you the Do’s & Don’ts of Vine, today we’re talking the other big player: Instagram. Instagram’s new video platform is transforming the way we record memories, and with Instance now on Windows, we can all use these tips. With 13 filters, 15 seconds, and unlimited opportunities to express yourself, Instagram Video is Vine’s biggest contender.

Here are a few Insta-Do’s for using those 15 seconds of fame wisely:

Do Tell A Story

Ben & Jerry’s
Everyone loves ice-cream. What everyone doesn’t know, is how it’s made. This Instagram Video depicts the step-by-step process of how Ben & Jerry’s makes their famous ice-cream while making the viewers yearn for a scoop.

Lululemon — “Every Mat Has a Story To Tell”
With varying settings, but simple poses and movements, the video is able to convey a myriad of experiences with a single story: yoga. Utilizing the 15-seconds skillfully, we see beautiful scenery, Lululemon’s product and a bit of humor to tie it all together.

How long does it take to make three stylish outfits? For Instagram Video, 15 seconds. In this stop-motion savvy video, we are taken through the steps of making an outfit with a single pair of shorts and several chic options. TopShop doesn’t stop there: the product codes are included for easy purchasing!

Plan your video: It is easy to give into impulsive whims to record the first thing you see, but take a second to think about creative angles, lighting, and aesthetics that will affect your video.

Do Have a Purpose

charity: water — #WaterChangesEverything
Make your caption matter. In this touching video, the philanthropic organization captions: “Sarpan Gamanga often used to spend four hours every day walking to get water from a nearby stream. Not anymore.” By itself, this video would not have the same effect if we did not know about the plights of this woman. A purposeful caption is key to be in sync with the video.

Red Vines Candy — A #summer BBQ is never complete without #RedVines.
As we go through the essential summer BBQ, we see burgers, hot dogs, sausages; and just as our mouths are beginning to water, the video concludes with Red Vines licorice, leaving a viewer with a craving for candy. Clever caption, great ending.

Today Show
What is the point of video, anyway? To capture lasting memories. This video of a man proposing was imperfect, yet meaningful. A great example of user-generated content that makes the most of 15-seconds.

Pick your subject: It is essential to gear your focus on something clear and simple. A person, product or pet gives your video an easy theme and purpose.

Do Have a Theme

Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ale
One theme here, beer. This video utilizes their 15-seconds to focus on a new beer using the process of bottling. It instills a curiosity for how it tastes by using the caption: “A Scotch Ale, an IPA or an American Brown? Indian Brown Ale is all of the above.”

Michael Kors: #InstaKors
Coining a new term is a great way to get product exposure. The “InstaKors” is perfect for a catchy hashtag. The video makes the viewer focus on the word and then takes us through a beautiful array of designs, photographs, and skillfully ends with “InstaKors”

Ebay’s video is simple and concise. We are introduced to a hashtag while the video maintains visual and consistent aesthetic appeal. The theme in this is simply: #ebay

Develop a goal. Decide what message you want to convey, what brand you want to promote, and what kind characteristics in your video will accomplish that.

Do Use Stop-Motion Creatively

Victoria’s Secret
It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret is the mecca for girly-girls everywhere. With the caption: “Summertime and the options are endless #VSSwim” and stop-motion views of different combinations of swimsuits, VS’s videos are exposing consumers to a myriad of products in 15 seconds.

We know Intel is smart, but this adds cool to their branding. The tech giant introduces their product UltraBook and also teaches the viewer something non-techie in 15-seconds. The stop-motion is smart, creative, and useful.

In this Gap video, the attention immediately goes to the brand’s name. It begins with Gap and ends with it. It is simple, shorter than 15-seconds and conveys a creative tone for younger consumers.

Practice, Practice, Practice. While this may not be the easiest feature to master, you can get more creative (and silly) by practicing how to tell a story creatively using stop-motion.

Do Use Filters Effectively

Taco Bell
Doritos Locos Tacos went up a level with this pyro-performance. Accented with a lighter filter, the flames are brighter and thus, the “DLT” has greater visibility and brand exposure.

While this video has great stop-motion, it is the change of filter that makes the colors really pop out making a viewer notice the car even more.

Experiment with filters: Perhaps is was too sunny or too cloudy, experimenting with filters before posting may be the solution you are looking for to improve a video.

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Featured image courtesy Ted Ngyuyen USA.

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