142 Pinterest Pinboard Ideas for Every Entrepreneur (Infographics)


It’s no surprise that with Pinterest’s rapid growth over the last few years, many entrepreneurs have now added Pinterest to their social media marketing plans. While Pinterest started out as a way to find inspiration, entrepreneurs are now using it as a way to inspire their current and potential customers, as well as to find new ones.

When you’re first starting out on Pinterest as an entrepreneur, it might be tempting to create boards centered around your own interests and what inspires you. After all, that’s what Pinterest is all about. However, if you really want to connect with your customers and attract new ones, it’s important to take their lifestyles and interests into account and create boards centered around their interests, not yours. That way, when they discover your PInterest profile, they’re going to be more likely to follow you if your content is relevant to them. For example, if you’re a marketing coach, think about what type of information your clients will find valuable and relevant and create boards focused on those topics.

The infographic below has 142 Pinterest pinboard ideas to get you started.

Pinterest Pinboard ideas for Entrepreneurs

Infographic credit: Andreea Ayers, Launch Grow Joy