140 Proof Granted Patent for ‘Targeting Users Based on Persona Data’


140ProofPatent650Social-data and ad-targeting platform 140 Proof announced that it has been granted what one of its advisors referred to as the “Hope Diamond of social advertising patents,” U.S. Patent No. 8,751,305, titled, “Targeting Users Based on Persona Data.”

140 Proof pointed out in a release announcing the granting of the patent that it originally filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office May 24, 2010, at which point Facebook was promoting social graph marketing, Twitter was still seven months away from launching untargeted ads and Pinterest was just one month old.

The abstract for the patent reads:

A method of targeted advertisement distribution based on persona data derived from a social network, wherein the social network includes a plurality of content streams, each content stream associated with a user and a user summary. The method includes the steps of receiving an advertisement request from a third-party environment with associated content, identifying a content stream that includes a reference to the third-party content, identifying a persona based on the user associated with the identified content stream and serving an advertisement to the third-party environment based on the identified persona.

140 Proof CEO Jon Elvekrog said in the release:

We have believed for a long time that the most powerful signal of a person’s interests can be derived from their public social activity. Who we connect with, what content we share, where we check in, the subjects we talk about — all of these cues and more can tell us how to interpret the individual’s persona and understand what sorts of ads, content, products and more will be relevant and interesting to them. The portfolio of patents and pending applications protects our many methods and inventions around using social data to build interest-based personas for ad and content targeting. We’ve been first out of the gate and will explore every path to generating revenue from our work.

Jumptap Founder and 140 Proof advisor Jorey Ramer added:

140 Proof was extremely early to demonstrate the power of social data to identify audiences based on their personas and match them with relevant ads. This is the Hope Diamond of social advertising patents.