Elliot, a London-based entrepreneur who works over 100 hours per week and doesn’t usually pay much attention to working out, is undertaking a 12 week “total body transformation” programme with personal trainer and fitness model Ru Wikmann. Ru couldn’t do a push up until he was 17 due to a bone condition and now is a WBFF pro. The transformation involves four weights sessions a week at the gym and six cardio sessions, PHD supplements and a lifestyle change when it comes to diet.

You can follow his progress, his challenges, changes and milestones for the 12 weeks on BOE – we’ll be featuring his diary entries every three weeks until the challenge is over.

The last fortnight has been tough. I’m seven weeks through the program – or is it six, or eight, I’ve lost count – and it feels both very old and like there is still an awfully long way to go. It’s lost the initial excitement but hasn’t yet reached the home straight. The pattern has gone something like this:

The first few weeks felt like I was on fire in the sense I was seeing good gains and lifting heavy and felt a general buzz when I woke up to go to the gym. The pain was actually nice in a masochistic sort of way and actually felt like progress.

 The last few weeks my body has started to catch up and I adapted to the routine that Ru has planned for me and got on with the diet. My body has represented somewhat of a backlash. My body started to sort of rebel against the routine and getting up in the morning became harder and motivating myself for the punishing sessions has been increasingly difficult. It helps having PHD VMX2 which I take in the morning and increases my motivation enough to walk in the gym and not skip the session. Whilst I am still improving in terms of fitness and recovery time, the physical improvements (this is a vanity project) have been good on my upper body and legs however still need to lose some fat around my stomach.

Ru has changed the program and introduced a high carb ‘re-feed’ day to allow myself to recover and boost energy. Last week I had a look in the mirror and thought I was looking bigger which is good and gave me the motivation for the last few days to push that bit harder. I have managed to stick to the no alcohol rule I have set for myself but have had quite a few late nights and then subsequently not eating enough the following day.

My goal for the next few weeks is to step up the cardio and start kickboxing…..watch this space!

I have set up an Instagram for my progress: www.instagram.com/ elliotgbgrant

Thanks to Ru Wikmann – http://www.ruwikmann.com/ fa cebook.com/ruwikmann

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