Elliot Grant, a London-based entrepreneur who works over 100 hours per week and doesn’t usually pay much attention to working out, is undertaking a 12 week “total body transformation” programme with  personal trainer and fitness model Ru Wikmann. Ru couldn’t do a push up until he was 17 due to a bone condition and now is a WBFF fitness model. The transformation involves four weights sessions a week at the gym and six cardio sessions, PHD supplements and a lifestyle change when it comes to diet.

You can follow his progress, his challenges, changes and milestones for the 12 weeks on BOE – we’ll be featuring his diary entries every three weeks until the challenge is over. His first post is here.

I’m am officially one third of the way through this transformation and its most definitely harder than I thought it would be. Not only is the training getting harder with heavier weights and less resting times but the avoiding alcohol rule (my personal challenge)  is very frustrating at times. I haven’t cheated and had one drop of liquid apart from water and my PHD supplements which I am proud of.

Coming to the end of January there were a few champagne receptions I have been attending and holding a glass of champagne for show but then dashing off to the bar to have a glass of water and hoping that anyone didn’t realise. Before I started I thought giving up alcohol would save me a fortune, my Amex was getting used for all sorts, cocktails here, champagne there, shots to all (my friends of course) but actually its having the opposite effect on my wallet. For every £1 I would spend on alcohol, I am spending an extra £4 on food. As I mentioned before it’s all about the diet and coming into week three I was finding the cooking so hard to maintain after a long day.

I found a solution and obviously working for clients who outsource their life to me, I thought I would do the same on the cooking front. Mealtek have personalised meals designed for my macronutrients which are delivered to my home and office on a twice weekly basis. This is my lifesaver and the one aspect of this process that I could of slipped up on: food! From placing in my macro targets of protein, fat and carbs into their dashboard, it lets me choose a range of meals that suit my goals and wow do they taste good. They have chefs that cook the food at 4am and then send it out next day delivery for me to enjoy. I cannot recommend them enough.


Ru Wikmann has implemented a lot of new exercises, which are getting my heart rate high, and therefore boosting my metabolism. Being four weeks in I have noticed a difference in my face and losing a couple of pounds makes me feel slimmer but I have to remember that muscle is heavier than fat and I am putting in some hard work at the gym every day. It is hard work going before a long day in the office but squeezing in a session puts a different spin on your whole day. The first three weeks I still had constant pain in every major muscle group, trouble walking, especially up stairs after a legs day, sitting, standing etc but now that has passed and I feel stronger every workout I do and now I actually look forward to going the gym.

I have set up an Instagram for my progress: www.instagram.com/elliotgbgrant
Thanks to Ru Wikmann – http://www.ruwikmann.com/ facebook.com/ruwikmann
PHD – http://www.phd-supplements.com/

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