Elliot, a London-based entrepreneur who works over 100 hours per week and doesn’t usually pay much attention to working out, is undertaking a 12 week “total body transformation” programme with fitness model and personal trainer Ru Wikmann, who couldn’t do a push up until he was 17 due to a bone condition. The transformation involves four weights sessions a week at the gym and 6 cardio sessions, PHD supplements and a lifestyle change when it comes to diet.

You can follow his progress, his challenges, changes and milestones for the 12 weeks on BOE – we’ll be featuring his diary entries every 2 weeks until the challenge is over.


You all may be thinking why I want to embark upon this challenge, why do I want to get up at 530am to go for a run, why do I want to follow all the diet principles and resist all the sugary temptations that London has to offer, why do I want to limit my alcohol consumption to 2 units per week. The answer is I feel that someone with a busy lifestyle like me who enjoys fitness can with a bit of determination and motivation get fit and get in good shape over a period of 12 weeks. At least I have a deadline!

I will be judging my performance on aesthetics so the way I look in the mirror with the help of some starting pictures against the final pictures. My weight, body fat percentage and generally how I feel at the end.

I have devised a simple five-point game plan that I’m going to stick to:

1. Workouts

4 Weights sessions per week with Ru. Having been going to the gym casually but not too seriously, I’m in the mid-range. Ru is nicknamed ‘The Sculptor’– his body is certainly aspirational. I haven’t missed a gym session but in the first week I did miss a few, well the majority of cardio sessions…Sorry Ru!

Ru has devised a training plan of one day upper body, the next lower body and the third is a rest/cardio day. In his approach an upper / lower body split with high intensity, moderate frequency but low volume works very well in the initial phase. The start of the programme is all about learning proper form, and getting in tune with my body. Then he will keep my body adapting with gradual progression, and switching up the variables in the programme. We use special techniques like supersets that enable me to increase intensity, which in turn will boost my metabolism for the whole day.

After only two sessions I’m thinking to myself this is going to be harder than I thought and that Ru will not give me a six pack (I mean the abs although would love a six pack of beer!!) like how easy I got a swimming award when I was 5, I actually have to do some work to achieve this. In weeks 1 and 2 I am craving sugar so much so I have to set an alarm in my phone every hour to remind me to not eat anything that I shouldn’t.

elliot 3

2. Diet

My diet: Ru has put me on a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. My calories are around the 2000-2200 mark and change pending whether I have a rest day or weights day. Ru wants me to do cardio every morning 6 days a week before any breakfast. I usually have late nights and early mornings so this means I have to adjust and get 7-8 hours sleep so I’m ready for the morning sessions.

3. Supplements

My PHD supplements: PHD has sent me an amazing batch of supplements for pre workout, intra workout and post workout. I will document how each of them affect my strength and what they are doing to my body over the next 12 weeks.

Pre Workout – I take VMX2 in a green tea and pomegranate flavour.

It has as much caffeine as 4 espressos, which gives me the perk I need after a 12 hour day at the office. After taking it, I wait 15-20 minutes before starting a workout, by which time I get that kick of energy, motivation and focus.

Intraworkout – PHD’s battery+3

This is my favourite product of all. I put two scoops inside my water bottle to drink during my workout – the perfect reward from a hard set with the dumbbells and I actually look forward to drinking it. Its full of BCAA’s, which are branch chain amino acids, and L-Glutamine, both well know in the industry for recovery.

Post Workout – PHD diet whey in Belgium chocolate

It tastes like someone has baked a brownie in my mouth and makes me think why do I even eat chocolate when there are products like this that taste just as good if not better and give my muscles the protein they need after a workout.

Ru Wikmann

Ru Wikmann

4. Water

Drink 4 litres of water per day. This is actually ok but the only downside is my new friend seems to be the men’s room!

5. No Alcohol

Although Ru said I can have 2 units per week after the first three weeks I have decided to stay sober throughout.


The first week has been extremely tough. Not only are the workouts intense but the diet takes time to prepare and plan. Ru says that 70% of my results come in the form of nutrition and you cannot out train a poor diet. Ru has taken into account my weight, body type, body composition, allergies and his specific training programme. I have been cooking in the evenings for the following day, my briefcase is now a cool box carrying two chilled meals which gets me some interesting looks on the train. Two weeks in and all my cooking is down to a fine art and am feeling stronger and healthier which is a good sign.

Elliot 4


I have set up an Instagram for my progress: www.instagram.com/elliotgbgrant
Thanks to Ru Wikmann – http://www.ruwikmann.com/ facebook.com/ruwikmann
PHD – http://www.phd-supplements.com/

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