12 Most Tranquil Reasons to Take a Social Media Vacation

12 Most Tranquil Reasons to Take a Social Media Vacation

Have you felt that 24 hour drive to post and share your life on social media?

Sometimes I think our media consumption fills a void in our lives. What if we stared into that void instead of ignoring it? What would we discover? Are there benefits to going off the grid?

Here are 12 things to explore if you decide to take a social media vacation.

1. Get more done

Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook can be productivity killers. Perhaps it is time to unplug and see if the world continues to exist. I bet a friend or two will let you know if you miss something important.

2. Connect in new ways

Email, how could we forget it. How about the use of a phone or even a video chat? The ease of sending a tweet replaces these more intimate forms of communication. It might be nice to get to know members of your network on a more personal level.

3. Rethink your strategies

Do you keep statistics about your social media use? This is a good time to look over the figures and revise your strategies. Perhaps there are areas in which you can improve. Or even better, cut out the least productive of your daily social media activities.

4. Learn about something new

I truly believe that the world is a very interesting place. Take this time to look around you. Remember these words of wisdom from Ferris Bueller.

5. Work on your writing

My great joy is writing. This is an area where I do not like to rush. I can use my old social media time to work on writing better quality posts.

6. Redesign a website

Paul and Peggy did a fantastic job rebranding 12 Most. We should not ignore how powerful it is for our brand to have a nice logo or color scheme. If you have been neglecting this aspect of your blog or website, take the time to make improvements.

7. Read a book

There are many novels out there to read. I am sure that you will find one to suit your fancy. Do you have a summer reading list?

8. Help someone out

One thing I lament is that I don’t have more time to help friends acclimate to online marketing. Yep, there are still some who do not understand how to use Twitter or post on Facebook. Why not use some of your free time to respond to those requests for help that you receive.

9. Spend time with family

Well, I don’t think I need to explain this one.

10. Travel

Summer is the time to take road trips, a cruise, or even have a staycation. Explore your local town and have a good time.

11. Turn off your computer

This is a handy hint to save money on your electricity bills. MakeUseOf shows us how to calculate what running a computer will cost you on average. $ 30 may not seem like a lot, but every bit helps. For companies, just turning off the computers at night can save you thousands of dollars.

12. Take up a hobby

What have you always wanted to learn? Personally, I know a lot of metalsmiths in my local town. I wouldn’t mind learning a new craft from them, even if it is of little practical use.

How long do you think you could go without social media? Are you willing to try a weekend or even a week?

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Susan Silver


Susan is a copywriter who crafts content strategies that rank. She is also the community manager for Gygax Magazine. She shares information on business, social media, and writing.

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