12 Most Surefire Signs That Your Spirit is Evolving

12 Most Surefire Signs That Your Spirit is Evolving

Being happy is easy when life is going your way. Being happy is not so easy when you feel like life is sticking it to you.

When “bad” things happen, it’s hard to remember you have been given a gift. The gift is your opportunity to spin the “bad” experience into something that will propel you closer to becoming the person you’re meant to be.

When you are feeling angry, alone or afraid — if you look closely at your situation, you will discover one or more surefire signs that your spirit is evolving:

1. You feel trapped

If you think the reason you are feeling trapped is because another person is making you feel that way… think again.

You choose to feel trapped. Or you choose to feel free. Nobody can “make” you do or feel anything.

Choose to stay. Choose to go. Regardless.… choose to be at peace with your decision.

2. You feel like your authority is being challenged by someone else

This really isn’t about you. This is about the other person’s evolution. That other person needs to be heard. That other person needs something from you.

You can help by listening. When you understand what the other person needs, offer your support. Do these things without getting defensive or taking things personally.

3. You feel like your life is out of control

If life is moving too fast or you are dropping balls all over the place, you probably feel like you have to keep running to get it all done. Now is not the time to run. Now is the time to put things on pause so you can recalibrate.

Get some things off your plate. Clear your calendar. Get the rest you need. Ask someone for help.

4. You feel guilty about something

Guilt is useless. If you are feeling guilty about something you are doing in this moment, change what you are doing. (Or stop feeling guilty.) If you are feeling guilty about something you did in your past, you aren’t living in the “now.”

Guilt won’t help make the past or the present any better. Your choice to stop feeling guilty will.

5. You feel threatened by or jealous of someone

This is about you wanting to be better. It is about your spirit’s yearning to become more. There’s nothing wrong with that, but remember that another person’s success or position in life isn’t any of your business.

Keep your nose out of other people’s business and focus on yourself!

6. You long for a certain type of personal connection

As you change, so do your friends. Relationships sometimes fall away naturally and painlessly. You might need to let a dying relationship go, but you can’t or you won’t.

Want to find a relationship that is deeply satisfying for you? Free up some time and emotional space by letting go of those relationships that need to go away. Or, call an old friend whose connection you miss.

7. You do a bad job of handling any sort of criticism

Criticism is hard. Not all of it is valid. Constructive or not, criticism can make the most confident of people question their worth.

Listen to the criticism. Earnestly examine whether there is any truth to it. If there is, leverage that truth so you can evolve to your fullest potential.

No truth in the criticism? Trash it without another thought.

8. You require recognition and validation to be happy

We all love to hear praise when we’ve done something that makes us proud of ourselves. Having someone else acknowledge our value feels great. We don’t, however, need anyone else’s stamp of approval to be happy.

Make your life’s art purely for the satisfaction it gives you. The process of doing what makes you happy is all that matters. If other people want to acknowledge you, that is icing on the cake; you’ve already experienced the best part — the sweetness of creation.

9. You and your relationship partner can’t see eye-to-eye on something important

Conflict is painful. It also happens in every relationship. When you are in conflict, if you feel like things are messy and dirty, they are. That’s good.

Things should be messy and dirty. This is because you and your partner are digging deep. Deep is where the good stuff is.

If you keep digging, you will find the gold regardless of whether the relationship lasts or not. If the relationship doesn’t last, the gold you have discovered will carry you far.

10. Things in your life aren’t happening fast enough

Are you tired of waiting for the partner, child or job of your dreams? Stop focusing on the fact that you don’t have what you want. Focus on making yourself happy right in this moment.

Even if you don’t get what you think you want, you will be happy. And, you might “get” something that gives you more joy than you ever could have imagined.

11. You find yourself wide awake at 3:00 a.m., thinking

The world is asleep, but your soul is awake. Your spirit needs attention. In the darkness of the night, ask yourself what you need, then get quiet. You will hear your heart speak.

Listen to it.

12. You want to dance, write, sing, play an instrument, go back to school or learn how to knit

Your soul wants to express itself. Your spirit wants to expand. Act on your impulse. You can do, create or become anything you want. The only thing holding you back from becoming the person you want to be is YOU.

Be fearless, be brave, and share your evolution with the world.

What are the signs that YOUR spirit is evolving?

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