12 Most Snappy Ways to Get Instaglam on Instagram

12 Most Snappy Ways to Get Instaglam on Instagram

Instagram is a sneaky little social media site. Is it just for sharing food pics and puppies? No! It’s ease of use and low threshold to participate make it easy to use and fun! However, it’s also a place where people have been making great business connections and meeting clients. Have you been wondering how you can dig a little deeper and build a community on Instagram?

All it takes is a little thought behind it partnered with consistency and you’ll have a thriving Instagram presence in no time!

1. Share your best photos

Instagram is about quality — not quantity! Take your time when taking and choosing photos to share.

Lux tips

“Lux works its magic by making your photos more vibrant and bringing out details you couldn’t see before. Once you’ve taken a photo or uploaded a saved photo from your phone, just tap the sun symbol  in the camera view to turn Lux on. If you have the most up-to-date version of the iOS app, use the slider to adjust the contrast and saturation of your photo.”

2. Use hashtags

You can use up to thirty hashtags on each post. I’d recommend sticking to three or four in the comments and then adding more into a comment below. It seems strange, but this is acceptable on Instagram.

Instagram’s best hashtag guidelines include:

  • Be relevant — use hashtags that will help people find your photos
  • Be specific
  • Be observant — look at other photos using the same hashtags and discover some new gems

I like to save groups of hashtags on Evernote for different purposes to make it easy to cut and paste on-the-go. It also helps you build a solid hashtag strategy for your Instagram community.

You can load an app for your phone to find popular hashtags such as “Tags for Likes” (Android and iOS).

For business purposes, chose relevant hashtags and use one for business purposes that is easy to spell and remember.

Additional resource: Instagram 101: 7 Keys Steps to Instagram Success 

3. Tweet and share your Instagram snaps

I like to use an IFTTT recipe to share my Instagram photos to my Twitter feed.
IFTTT Recipe: Instagram snaps to Twitter connects instagram to twitter

4. Share photos from your camera

You’ll have to email your photos to yourself and then share from your tablet or phone, but it’s worth the extra step to share a special photo.

5. Add text to your images

Apps such as WordSwag make it easy to create a quick graphic for an interesting Instagram photo. You can also create graphics in 1:1 aspect ratio in a desktop program like Photoshop or Canva using the social media size. 612 pixels x 612 pixels is recommended for highest quality.

6. Build a community with conversation

Responding to comments on your posts is very important on Instagram. Take the time to check your notifications and comment back to people on your posts on theirs. Turning on push notifications to your phone will ensure that you won’t miss a thing!

Instagram will send push notifications when:

  •  Someone likes or comments on one of your photos or videos
  •  Someone @ mentions you in a comment
  •  Your photo or video makes the Popular page
  •  You can adjust your push notifications from your account settings.

7. Meet new people

Follow interesting people that you find via hashtag searches or who comment on posts that you like. You might not find someone again so hit follow if you like someone’s bio and Instagram feed.

8. Share the right way

It’s fantastic to share other people’s Instagram photos BUT don’t ever download them and share as your own. As with all social media, you need to have permission to share someone else’s work. The proper way to share on Instagram is to regram someone’s photo using a third-party app like Repost. It adds a little bar that lists the person’s @name on Instagram. Resource: Oh Snap, Can I Legally Use that Photo?

9. Be creative

Creating a branded, visually appealing Instagram presence can catch the eye of future clients or customers. Keep this in mind when planning your strategy for Instagram.

Resource: 12 Most Eye-Catching Reasons Your Business Needs to Get Visual 

10. Use filters

The choices are endless once you start playing with filters! Filters can change the mood and tone of a photo, so take some time to find your favorites. If you don’t use a filter, use the hashtag #nofilter to show this is just how amazing your photo came out.

Resource: Every Instagram Filter, Definitively Ranked  

11. Show your personality

Instagram is the place on social media to share things you love, what you do, and paint a picture of your life.

12. Use video to spice it up

My friend Sue Zimmerman has chosen Instagram as her area of expertise in social media. She creates courses and training for others to learn her favorite social media platform. She created one of the most successful courses on Creative Live and they created a video for her course. Sue shared this on her personal Instagram profile to help people find her course. Mixing business with pleasure is A-OK on social media if you do it correctly!

I hope this gives you some ideas for getting instaglam on Instagram. Stop thinking of it as only food photos and start thinking of it as a way to share who you are and what you do. How have you been using Instagram to connect and build your social media platform? I’d love to discuss with you in the comments below!

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Peg Fitzpatrick


Peg Fitzpatrick is co-Editor-in-Chief of 12 Most and Head of Social Strategy for Canva. She is also Director of Marketing for Kreussler Inc. as well as working with Guy Kawasaki as his social media architect. Peg’s first book The Art of Social Media co-authored with Guy Kawasaki will be published in December 2014. Peg works with global brands and leaders in the social media sphere every day. She’s spearheaded successful social-media campaigns for Motorola, Audi, Google, and Virgin as well as having been a brand ambassador for Kimpton Hotels. All about being positive and connecting, she is a true social butterfly. Tweet her and say hi at @pegfitzpatrick, find her Stumbling on StumbleUpon, rocking Google+ here Google or happily pinning on Pinterest.

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