12 Most Inspiring Infographics to Change Your Mind About Reading

12 Most Inspiring Infographics to Change Your Mind About Reading

We are what we read. It’s difficult to object to this statement, as reading’s influence on our minds has been researched and proved many times already. We bet you enjoy the process of reading —otherwise, you would not be reading this post, would you?

The more you read, the more you’ll like these top 12 infographics about reading. But in case you are not a big fan of books, keep reading this article anyway: we guarantee, that you will change your mind about books, writers, and literature in general after checking all 12 sources provided.

1. What’s your love story?

Love… thousands of words have been told and written about this wonderful, though controversial, feeling already. Thousands of words are being written about love here and now and thousands of words will be written about love in the future. It can be so difficult to choose a good book about love among millions of authors who write romance novels, novelettes, or short stories about the #1 human feeling of all times. Guys from Good Reads have created this awesome infographic to help you choose a love book that would fit you most.


Source: Good Reads

2. Which book species are you?

We all are readers, even if the only literature we read is boulevard magazines. But are you sure you know what kind of a reader you are? Check this cute infographic to find out what reader species you are, and what exactly you feel about books while reading. We bet you may be very surprised!


Source: Laura-e-Kelly

3. The most popular books of all time

People love storytelling, often sharing their stories with others. Some stories become more popular than others, appearing to be world’s real masterpieces afterward. This infographic, found at Visual.ly, will reveal you the information about the most popular books ever written, published, sold, and translated. Each of us will definitely find their own masterpiece to read and enjoy.


Source: Visual.ly

4. What your country says about your reading habits

Do you believe the fact your reading habits may depend on a country you live in? Yes, it sounds quite weird, but this cool infographic presented by Scribd proves this phenomenon. Check their insight, and some results will surprise you by all means! This infographic provides the information about the most popular book, reading speed, and most popular genre by country.


Source: Scribd Blog

5. Famous authors who hated each other

Though every famous author is a genius in some way (otherwise, they would never become famous, would they not?), there was always a competition between them. You’ll be surprised how much some celebrated writers hated their fellows’ works and how rude they could be, talking on their fellows’ writings! Maybe you’ll change your mind about some personas, who knows…


Source: Huffington Post

6. Slowing down the distracted generation

You are a fan of reading, but your kid is not interested in books at all. Does it sound familiar? This infographic will provide useful tips and tools to keep children focused on reading, as they have so many distractions in our modern world. We should work harder today to get modern kids interested in reading and you are welcome to learn how to do that successfully.


Source: Chronicle Books

7. Readers save the world

Not literally of course, but… check this cute infographic to reveal all positive impacts of reading and find out why it is really good for your physical and mental health. After examining this work, you will find out why (and how) books make you a better person. So, let’s read!


Source: National Reading Campaign

8. You are what you read

Have you ever wondered what your favorite actor or singer reads? Let’s take a look at bookshelves of famous people to learn their tastes and understand world-popular politicians, writers, singers, and actors better! This infographic will help you understand characters and nature of famous celebrities through books they read, and you will learn why reading is so important for writers and students, and how it can help you in life.


Source: Bid 4 Papers

9. E-books and print books can coexist

There is a constant holly war between e-book fans and people who prefer print books: both groups believe that their way of reading is better, and they provide enough proof to support their point of view. The following infographic will solve this dispute forever, proving the fact that e-books and print books can coexist. Moreover, print books are still very popular among readers of all ages.


Source: Teaching Degree

10. The aroma of books

We all know how old and new books smell. But have you ever wondered what was the reason they smell like this? Take a look at this beautiful infographic created by a chemistry teacher and distributed by an anonymous blogger, and you will understand why most of us are so attracted by the scent of new books.



11. What makes you put down a book?

Some books are good, some books are bad. Some books are good, but we still do not have the strength or desire to finish them. Why does it happen so? Find this out after checking the infographic from Good Reads, where they gathered top most abandoned books and explained why those books became so unlucky to appear in the list.


Source: Good Reads

11. Which books you should read this summer

Summer break is a perfect time to read something new! Guys from Teach.com have compiled a great list of 101 books to check out this summer. To find out which one would fit you most, just check this infographic and be honest with your answers to the questions provided. Your perfect book is waiting for you!


Source: Teach

So, were we right? After checking all these awesome infographics, have you changed your mind about reading?

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