11 Reasons To Spend More Time On Instagram In 2015


So many articles have been written during the past year about the success of Instagram that many brands and users already feel overwhelmed with the tips they need to follow to gain more followers and become successful. What most of us forget is the reason you need to be convinced that you really need to try this trending social network. Why should you spend more time on Instagram in 2015 then?

1. Trending

Instagram was among the most popular social networks of 2014 and it recently managed to reach 300 million users. Its impressive growth is expected to continue in the next months, which will make even more brands embrace its power.

2. Create a successful brand presence

There are many brands that managed to increase their reach and expand their community through Instagram. Starbucks, Nike, Adidas, Red Bull, Intel, Taco Bell are among the most successful case studies, and as you realise, it’s not a specific niche that makes the difference. Anyone can succeed with the right ideas.

3. Creativity sparkled

Instagram’s success is all about creative content. By the time you manage to ignite your creativity, you’re starting to grab your audience’s attention. Even if you weren’t creative enough up to now with your social networks, Instagram allows you to discover users that will definitely push your limits to try harder. For example, it’s a good idea to ensure that your feed is full of quality content, instead of low quality images, or memes. This allows you to come up with new ways to reach this level, raising the bar on your content plan.

4. Visual appealling

Visual content is expected to be more dominant than ever in 2015, with 2014 being already a very significant year on the transition from written to visual content. Whether it’s an image, or a video, visual content is here to stay. And that is another reason that Instagram is growing so fast.

5. No hides from the newsfeed

While Facebook turns out to be annoying with its constant algorithm changes that define what’s visible on each user’s news feed, Instagram is displaying every single photo on feed. Even if your followers are popular, you still have more chances to display your content to them comparing to Facebook.

6. From zero to hero

Even if your brand is not established yet, it’s up to you leverage its presence by coming up with new ideas, including your current and potential followers on your content plan. Word of mouth always works and creating an Instagram community may be the first step to success!

7. Mobile use

The future (and present) is mobile and Instagram is the ideal app for this case. Instagram users check their feed any time of the day, which means that the chances to grab their attention are increased, comparing to a desktop. Thus, it is important to be able to appeal to them in a way that even a second will be enough to make the difference. Even though Instagram does not allow active links on the photos, you are still able to expand your reach and gain new followers.

8. New marketing status

Marketing is changing day by day and its traditional form is already outdated. Direct promotion nowadays is like screaming, in a desperate attempt to be heard, so it’s time to look for new ways to promote your brand. Content marketing and visual domination are expected to be even more important during 2015, which means that it’s high time you invested on them, with Instagram being among the top choices of social networks.

9. Facebook as a ‘mentor’

Instagram was one of the most successful acquisitions for Facebook, with both sides benefiting from this collaboration. Having Facebook on your side is important for your further evolution, right?

10. Power of hashtags

Hashtags may sometimes be overrated on social networks, but on Instagram it’s not that case. Instagram hashtags are powerful and they allow you both to discover and be discovered, increasing your reach and finding followers that share the same interests with your brand. Do not underestimate them, but make sure you use them wisely.

11. It’s fun!

Is there any better reason to use Instagram? Having the chance to engage with interesting people all over the world that like your style, your content, your creativity is priceless! Enjoy it!

What do you think now? Were these 11 reasons convincing enough for you? Would you add something else?

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