10 Tips to Make Sure You Look Good during Your Next Video Conference Call

Webcam infographic

Got a big Skype meeting coming up? Streaming video calls have become the de facto choice of communication on the Web today, whether you are catching up with loved ones or talking with colleagues. And if you are looking for new work or business opportunities, chances are you will be on a conference call sooner rather than later for interviews or other meet-and-greets.

The key to having a successful call is being prepared and, of course, looking your best in order to impress. What can you do to avoid looking strange through your webcam? First, lighting is very important: keep lights in front and not behind you. Mind your background: be sure to take down any embarrassing posters and clean up a bit. Make sure you find a quiet environment to talk in. Plus, video conferencing programs like Skype can hog your computer’s resources, so make sure you physically connect to your router instead of relying on unreliable Wi-Fi signals. It’s also important to restart your computer before you video chat and to exit any unnecessary programs running in the background – this will lighten the load on your PC and improve the quality of your video call.

Lastly, make sure to test out your visual display before the big call and position yourself in the center of the webcam’s view; after all, you are the star of the show!