10 Tips to Increase Sales with Social Media and Email Marketing This Holiday Season

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10 Tips to Increase Sales with Social Media and Email Marketing This Holiday Season

The holidays will be here even before you have a chance to blink! It’s time to think about how to leverage every marketing opportunity available.

Did you know that between Black Friday and Christmas there’s a reported gain of 15% in e-commerce sales? This holiday season, grab this opportunity to increase sales and market with social media and email.

Social media and email marketing can extend the reach of your brand, alert customers of holiday promotions, and build sales activity at a minimal cost.

Here are 10 tips to increase sales with social media and email marketing this holiday season:

Use social media and eblasts as an additional layer to your existing marketing plan. Don’t think of social media as your only form of advertising, but rather as a complimentary layer in addition to your traditional marketing efforts.

The use of email and social media can support all your other marketing. The key is to integrate them into your marketing campaigns. But how?

1. Add social media buttons to your website and email marketing.
When your viewers and readers join your social networks, you’ll have the chance to send them last minute messages and coupons. Add those same messages and coupons into your eblasts and newsletters for even more exposure.

10 Tips For Increasing Sales This Holiday Season

Add social share buttons to your MailChimp newsletter campaigns

Add social share buttons to your WordPress website using Jetpack

2. Create shareable content.
Create content that people want to see or engage with, and add links back to your e-commerce site. Request that your followers share your posts or eblasts with friends and family. Grandma wants to see the exact Minecraft Lego set that Jack wants and fairy village LoLa has picked out for her fairy garden.

3. Decorate your social media pages and email newsletters with holiday themes.
Just like you decorate your home to get in a festive mood, decorate your profile and cover pictures. Get your prospective customers in the holiday spirit by including festive imagery with season appropriate themes. If you don’t happen to have a degree in graphic design, try checking out sites like fcoverphotos.com, which offer lots of ready-made images for free. Or Canva.com a photo-editing tool that is pretty user-friendly, and it allows you to overlay text on graphics.

10 Tips For Increasing Sales This Holiday Season

4. Make your content visually appealing.
Spice up your holiday posts with holiday-themed visuals. You should always include an image or graphic with your social media posts and eblasts, and holiday posts should be no different.

Use Canva.com to create custom images with photos you can purchase from Canva for $ 1, and some additional text for your message. Not only will your text convey a message, but your image will evoke emotions that people can identify with.

5. Use Pinterest to build your naughty or nice list.
Pinterest is especially popular during the holiday season. People are on Pinterest looking for inspiration for Halloween costumes and decorations, Thanksgiving table centerpieces and recipes, and gifts ideas for Hanukkah and Christmas.

10 Tips For Increasing Sales This Holiday Season

Create a holiday-themed board and add a “Pin It” button to the product pages of your site.

6. Run a contest on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Contests are always a simple and fun way to take advantage of your social media presence, especially during the holiday season.

Contest apps like TabSite have plenty of out-of-the-box contest ideas that make running a contest ridiculously easy.

7. Send personal holiday greetings to loyal customers.
Businesses could stand to take a cue from the resurging trend of sending out holiday cards. Try sending out special greetings to customers via email and social media. This is a great way to express appreciation while engaging with your customers on a more personal level. It’s a pleasant surprise for them that could lead to increased sales for you.

Consider creating a holiday Vine or Instagram video, and post it to your Facebook page. Send out direct messages to loyal customers who follow you on Twitter. Email your holiday wishes to your customer list along with a gift of a discount or coupon.

8. Create relevant, interesting, shareable content.
The posts on your blog, Facebook page, or eblast shouldn’t only be about your products or services. Make sure you’re creating content around topics that interest your customers, especially during the holidays.

Talk about holiday tips and traditions, ways to reduce stress during this busy time of the year, engaging inspirational quotes, and more.

9. Draw upon your customers’ influence.
Shoppers are more likely to make a purchase based on word-of-mouth and referrals from the people they know and trust. Naturally, people tend to trust others who have similar interests, so it makes sense that your customers’ influence will inspire someone they know. Because of their ability to share at the touch of a button, social media, and email marketing are primary outlets to allow that sharing to happen. Suggest the kiddos create virtual Wish Lists on Pinterest or Amazon that they send to Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles.

10. Support a worthy cause.
During the holidays, people tend to think more about giving to others. That doesn’t necessarily stop with gifts for friends and family; charitable giving is at its highest during the holiday season, too.

10 Tips For Increasing Sales This Holiday Season

Businesses have the ability to use their email and social media to achieve social good by helping their customers support a worthy cause. Aside from the monetary benefit that the charities receive, this is also an opportunity to create goodwill between you and your customers, resulting in an increase in customer loyalty.

How have you capitalized on email or social media in past holiday seasons? Please feel free to share your experiences.

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