10 Things You Need to Know about Logo Design [Infographic]

Posted by Dana Kilroy on 01 Oct 2015 / 0 Comment

Do you love your company’s logo? Have you been thinking about a revamp? Creating the perfect logo is no easy feat.

There are so many components required for a logo to be memorable (in a good way); color, font and balance are just the beginning.

How about adaptability? What will the logo look like on a variety of devices. How will it look on paper? Does the logo convey the emotions you want it to? A company like Disney, for example, probably wouldn’t a formal font for its logo because it wants people to think of fun, which is why their playful logo works so well.

Before you tackle a logo redesign, or start designing one for a new business, take a look at this infographic from BlueSodaPromo. You’ll learn ten things you need to know about logo design.