10 Things I Learned Watching the 100 Most-Shared Vines of All Time




For lovers of new media, Vines are the new new thing. Maybe not as new as Instagram video, but of such a recent vintage that Facebook looks comparatively ancient.

Usually when a new form of media comes along — think YouTube or Twitter — it is colonized by a combination of creative pioneers plus canny celebs and marketers. Vine is no different. Yet the ruled for success are unique. What plays well on Vine? I watched the entirety of Unruly’s 100 Most-Shared Vines of all Time and came away with the following observations:

  1. Harry Styles and One Direction Are Really, Really Popular. Out of the top 100, 38 are affiliated with Styles or One Direction, including this, the most-shared Vine of all time:

    Styles has so many popular Vines that you get the feeling anything he puts up will get shared wildly. To prove the point here’s No. 81:

    Aside from Styles & Co., though, there weren’t many celebs on the list. Taylor Swift had two, while Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family appeared in another. Otherwise, not a lot of the usual suspects. Justin Bieber was nowhere to be seen, except for one video that showed female fans storming a mall at one of his appearances: Read more…

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