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10 Instagram Accounts That Will Take You Around the World


Instagram is making it easier than ever to travel the world. While some people blame Instagram for creating a movement of cliché photography, even the most vehement Instagram hater would admit that Instagram’s 100 million users make it an extremely versatile tool.

In the most remote corners of the earth, smartphone users are uploading pictures of glaciers, deserts and mountain ranges — the likes of which your average Instagram user would never otherwise see.

And while Instagram might be often (and unfairly) better known for food photos, or even as a marketer’s heaven, the social networking and photographing app offers an interesting window into parts of the world you might never otherwise get to see.

To kickstart your Instagram travels, we’ve put together a list of ten accounts you should follow to see interesting images from around the world from different viewpoints and more.

National Geographic

Nothing says “exotic” like National Geographic. The NatGeo team regularly posts the most stunning photos that come into their office every day from photographers around the world. Most photos are of the “majestic nature” variety, but that includes exotic locations from around the world as well.


Murad Ossman, a music video producer loves traveling the world. He also loves his notably attractive girlfriend.  He managed to merge the two in a particularly cool and clever Instagram by showing her holding his hand while walking ahead of him to their next destination.

Wonderful Places

There are beautiful places, there are cool places, and then there are places are just wonderfully mindblowing. Thats what this Instagrammer seeks to send you to.  The kind of places that make your jaw drop and your mind yell “Astonishing!”

Cole Burmester

Fond of the Samsung NX11/HTC Desire S? So is Cole Burmester! So much so that he’s taken to building an Instagram of astonishing wildlife and landscape pictures using it.


EverythingEverywhere is a pretty bold name for an instagram account. Award Winning photographer Gary Ardnt does his best to live up to it with his photos of exotic locations.  Many of which are located in South America.

Uncornered Market

Uncornered Market’s travelling photographer, Daniel Noll, has a penchant not just for exotic locales, but also for people.  His photography journey brings pictures of  interesting local people and cuisines that tell stories you can’t find anywhere else.


A French artist who keeps the streets alive by pushing the limits with street installations with a political message. He features places from New York, Paris, Japan, Tunisia, Cambodia, Berlin, Venice, Africa and Palestine and even hangs out with celebrities. JR makes the world his art gallery.

Sam Horine

Sam Horine is a New York City-based iPhone photographer. If you’ve never been to New York City, Horine will take you to all five boroughs with his tasteful, simple shots and an eye for the Big Apple’s hidden gems.


As his bio states, “It’s not about what you see but how you see it.” He captures and shares with us his perspective of the world’s natural symmetry, patterns and geometrics with stunning, distinct style.

VuTheara Kham

VuTheara, a UI designer from Paris, sees the world. She’ll have you wanting to hop in her backpack with her.


It’s clear that not all of these images are taken via iPhone, but it makes this photo feed that much better. He shares everything from quiet hidden treasures from different corners of the universe to full-blown action shots that put you right there with him. The majority of his pictures come off looking like a painting.

What are your favorite places to visit on Instagram? What regions did we miss? Share with us know in the comments.

Post contributed by Ludo Houdre & Kayla Bibeau of Fueled, NYC’s leading iPhone app development firm. We love making apps.

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