10 Innovations Poised to Change Sustainable Industries




NASA, USAID, Nike and the U.S. State Department don’t sound like teammates, but they’re all equal participants in an international accelerator focusing on sustainable programs and social good.

In 2010, the quartet partnered on LAUNCH, a sort of Y Combinator for global development that has raised more than $ 40 million and helped bring clean water to 4.5 million Kenyans, as well as affordable, renewable energy to 3,000 people in India.

The program will be dedicated to shifting the environmental, economic and social impact of manufacturing through the year 2020. That means cleaning up products we use everyday, and introducing new composites to take the place of more expensive and less ecologically sensitive materials. Ten innovators converged at NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratories last week for a three-day forum, exchanging ideas and collaborating with a council of experts that included NASA astronaut Ron Garan. Read more…

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