10 Historical Planners: Their Influence On Today’s Cities [Infographic]


Many of us happily roam our favorite cities, marveling at historical sites and observing the incredible energy that comes with urban life. Most people don’t even think about it; they just travel along their daily routes without seeing the intricate details of a city plan, or giving thought to the brilliant minds that are responsible for the planning some of today’s most famous cities.

From Hippodamus of Miletus, Greek city planner, to Baron Georges-Eugene Haussman, designer of Paris, France, history’s top urban planners have shaped our world today. These planners faced unique challenges during their respective times, but developed cities that still thrive and function today.

As this visual by UF’s Online Masters in Urban and Regional Planning points out, urban planning is still very much vital to present and future life in our cities.

10 Historical Planners: Their Influence On Today’s Cities [Infographic] image UF historical planners

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