10 Commonly Asked Questions About ShortStack


10 Commonly Asked Questions About ShortStack

At the end of May we announced some changes to our platform. With the new version of our Campaign Builder software, businesses can use ShortStack to build promotions, newsletter integrations, menu displays, RSS feeds and more. Once you’ve built your Campaign you can publish it anywhere on the Web, including Facebook. The single URL gives you the ability to promote your Campaign throughout all of your marketing channels.

The initial feedback for our Campaign Builder has been great! As with any new product we’ve gotten a few of the same questions from multiple people, so we’ve decided to address some of the most common questions about the Campaign Builder in this blog post.

If you haven’t tried our new Campaign Builder yet, this post will still be beneficial to you to learn some more information about it and see how it can fit your business needs.

1. Since you can build Campaigns that can be used as Landing Pages do you have plans to provide split testing?

First off, this is a great question! We love that our users and Fans are such progressive marketing thinkers! The answer is yes, we are looking into offering an A/B testing feature. Right now the easiest way to A/B test would be to create two Campaigns and promote each one separately, or swap out a Campaign each day. You can also use a service like Improvely and promote one URL and split test the Campaign links.

2. Is the Smart URL still generated even though the app/Campaign is not installed to Facebook yet?

Yes! Smart URL’s are still generated but they are no longer called “Smart URLs.” We now have one URL for everything and it is called a “Campaign URL.”Just like the Smart URLs the Campaign URL is mobile and desktop friendly so no matter where you are placing it on the Web, your fans can access and interact with your Campaign and content.

3. What happened to Smart URLs?

As noted above, we now called Smart URLs “Campaign URLs.”

4. Are Campaigns and Apps the same thing?

Apps and Campaigns serve the same general purpose. They’re both used to run promotions, contests, sweepstakes, newsletter integrations, welcome pages and landing pages. However, a Campaign can be placed anywhere on the Web while an App is limited to Facebook. For this reason we’ve removed references to the word “App” from our Website and now refer to everything built using ShortStack as a Campaign.

5. Can I publish a Campaign to both Facebook and the Web?

Yes! And we strongly encourage it! You do have to make a copy of the Campaign and publish to Facebook and the Web separately using different publishing methods but it’s not difficult. And we walk you through each step of the process in the backend of ShortStack. Keep in mind that if you choose to publish your Campaign to the Web and Facebook it will count as two Campaigns toward your total Campaign count. *See question #9.

6. How does the “Stored Entry Allowance” limit work?

When you build a Campaign with ShortStack that requires us to host entries or data you are collecting from your Fans, you’re using your Stored Entry Allowance. All entries that are being stored in the ShortStack database will be counted toward the lifetime allotted amount, even if the Campaign becomes uninstalled or inactive. Once you hit the allotted lifetime amount, you’ll be prompted to upgrade to a different plan.

7. How do I get a Share Prompt to show when a user submits a form?

In order to get the Share Prompt to show when a user submits a form you have to add a Share Widget to your Campaign and then link that Share Widget to your Promotion/Custom Form Widget. If you have any questions about this don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

8. What happened to the “Take this action on form submit” option?

Previously when you used our Promotion Widget you had the option to set it up so that  a certain action would happen when someone submitted information into your form. For example, once someone answers a question, they’re prompted to enter their email address for a chance to win. This feature is still available but we’ve removed it from the Promotion Widget and you can now access it using the Action Widget.

9. With the new Campaign Builder, can I install my Campaign to Twitter/Pinterest/Google+/etc.?

No. Your users can now share to those platforms directly from our Share Widget, and you can post your Campaign’s URL to those platforms  as well. With our new Web Publish method, your Campaign is now a microsite and you don’t have to include “Facebook only” features. This allows anyone on any platform to use your Campaign’s features without the need to Login with Facebook.

10. Do I have to install outside of Facebook?

No, but we highly recommend it! You can install to Facebook (in addition to the web) on all of our pro plans.

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