Your mum, friend or beautician might have given you beauty advice years ago that’s ingrained in your memory, from never plucking grey hair to changing your shampoo every so often. Let us bust a few of these myths:

Wearing makeup on a daily basis is bad for the skin
While make-up isn’t necessarily good for the skin, wearing it every day isn’t bad for the skin. The real issue is not washing the make-up off properly before going to sleep. Sleeping with make-up can be irritating to the skin and means you’re not removing the build-up of dead skin cells and debris which can clog the pores.

Plucking one grey hair will cause more to grow
An old wives’ tale probably from the fact that when you notice and pull one, you’ll naturally start to notice more.

Anti-dandruff shampoo will get rid of a itching and flakiness
Anti-dandruff shampoo might help but it’s not a long term solution. Using it every day will dry the scalp too much. Instead, use normal shampoo and then every few days or once a week use the anti-dandruff shampoo. And you can also use oil (coconut oil is good) a few hours before shampooing.

Cutting hair makes it grow quicker
Hair looks healthier when you cut it regularly, possibly 6-8 weeks, but it does not mean it will grow longer or quicker.

You need to wash make up brushes after using them each time
It’s good to clean your brushes as they can develop bacteria, but shampooing/ washing them once a week to sanitise is enough. If you need to use a different colour, you can use a spray-on brush cleaner.

Nail files don’t need to be sanitised
There can be an accumulation of oils and skin debris, and that’s the best breeding ground for bacteria. So next time you’re at the salon, check that it’s a new nail file or they sanitise metal or glass files by rubbing alcohol after each use. If you use a cardboard file at home, then replace every 2-3 months.

Moisturisers will make oily skin even more oily
Using moisturiser locks the skin’s naturally occurring moisture and protects from the elements. The most important factor is washing the skin properly and thoroughly before applying moisturiser.

Using the same shampoo for too long means it will stop working on your hair
If you think your hair is suffering, feeling limp and dry, then it might be from overuse of products like sprays and serums rather than your shampoo. It’s great to change products and shampoos once in a while, but it’s not necessary.
You should brush your teeth after every meal
If you’ve just had something acidic like an apple or even an acidic drink, brushing straight after will result in erosion of enamel. Wait for around an hour after the meal before brushing the teeth.
You eventually outgrow acne
Women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s can have acne. If you didn’t have acne when you were younger doesn’t mean you will never get it, and if you did have acne as a teenager this also doesn’t mean it’ll be gone by a certain age. Women’s hormone levels fluctuate throughout their life, which is why many have breakouts during their menstrual cycle.

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